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Cloud-Based Access Control Systems


Take control of your building's security with a cloud-based access control system. At Sentinel Security Systems, we install fob, code, or key card systems that combine security with flexibility. You'll be able to determine exactly who has access to your premises at any given time. This kind of system is ideal for office buildings, schools, and industrial facilities of all kinds.

Fob, Card, or Code

Whether you want a fob-, card-, or code-based system, we've got you covered. Our team creates customized systems based on your security needs. You'll be able to restrict access to certain areas, certain users, or certain times. Sensitive areas can be set up to allow specific individuals or groups of employees, and cleaning crews can be given access to your property after-hours.

If an employee leaves the company or loses a card, it's easy to cancel or change the access privileges remotely, so you won't have to hire a locksmith to change the locks. We can act as your master administrator—adding, changing, or deleting permissions upon request—or we can train someone at your company to perform these tasks.

24/7 Monitoring

You'll have complete peace of mind around the clock with our 24-hour monitoring services. Our cloud-based systems allow us to monitor your doors, windows, and other access points at all times.

Card and Code Access