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Modern security cameras let you keep tabs on your property at all times. At Sentinel Security Systems, we offer installation, maintenance, and monitoring services for residential and commercial security camera systems. Call today for a free proposal and estimate.

Easy Setup & Maintenance

With a wide selection of both wired and wireless cameras, installation is simple. We install cameras in any indoor or outdoor location. If your cameras ever need to be cleaned, refocused, or relocated, just let us know and we'll take care of it for you.

Real-Time Monitoring

With a high-tech camera system, you can monitor your home, business, gate, or belongings in real time from any computer or mobile device. Motion sensors can be set up to trigger the camera in the event of a suspected intruder. You'll easily be able to check whether it was just a cat or if you need to call the police. We also offer central station monitoring around the clock.

Recorded Footage

Find out who had access to your building on any given day. All our systems provide at least 30 days of recorded feed, so you'll be able to search through footage and find the information you need.

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